Since Timeless River is predominantly monochromatic, I thought it would be fun to splat it with a sort of color study. (◐▽◑)

Free Him

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Vanitas: Oh, grow up. Is that what you call friendship?

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Terra + Enchanted Dominion

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Namine Appreciation Week:

Day 3: favorite relationship ➜ namikai

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ollie asked: xion or kairi


Yay, I finally finished!!

This is a compilation of all the blogs I really enjoy/appreciate/admire, most of which are run by kind and amazing people who I also appreciate and admire. You’ve all made my Tumblr experience better, whether you create your own content or talk to me or just fill my dash with rainbows and happiness, so I thank you for that!

For anyone who isn’t on this list, please remember that as long as I am following you I still love your blog and that there’s always room for this list to grow. :)

Now then, on to business.

  • bold = I consider you a personal friend
  • italic = you are super duper awesome

A – F

a-skylit-memory akushion antisoras aquaandkorra aquacordes askkairi askrokuven asksorikai blackpaopu canyoufeelsora cassiekinz cheerupcharms chernicalplant chokeonpaopu dakt37 demikusu demon-deans-dimples dragoncatkhfan finalaeon finalkingdom finalmix frozenmusings fuckyeah-roxas

G – K

giffingkh girlsbydaylight goiingthrough-themotions grace-furey75 hansthrone hellyeskingdomhearts imventuscallmeven is-there-a-twewy-sequel-yet itsbolin justkingdomheartsthings kairiiis karudoll kh-luver khcomplete khdecoded khfriendlyreminders kingdomheartsnyctophiliac kingdomxkey kiome-yasha

L – S

leablade limitstorms lovelysora mallverse moooogle morpha narxinba noelkreist nyanko-chi oatkheeper omgroxas passionxiv pixiedustbunnies prettycolors projectdestati ramflega rickriordamnit runesphere scottyyy77 seasalt-ice-cream seirioses shad-the-rad sharingthesamesky shinypaopu silence-traitor sleepyxion sorasprincesss soraspromise sorathewise  strawmary21 sunsetsandseasalticecream

T – Y

terras-terrable-trousers thalassa-charms the-red-headed-step-child thefantasyhasnolimits thekeybladewielders thekimadventure thekingdomsfinest thenovapanda tidass tiduspoo twilightown twitown ventus-in-oblivion vierawood vincent-vangogh-away whatiskingdomhearts whoelsewillihaveicecreamwith wingblades x-heart xi-off xionsheart youarewonderfilled

KH TRIOS  Donald + Mickey + Goofy (x)